Delayed Posts & Planting Update

With crop planting here in Central Illinois in full swing, I’ve been unable to update this blog with any new posts. As soon as the mad rush of corn planting is over with, I should be back to a schedule that will allow enough time to post on a more frequent basis. In the coming weeks look for further posts on the ethanol biofuel issue as well as posts dealing with various agronomic issue’s.

Just a quick note on planting progress…

Corn planting is nearly finished in this area. I would expect by Wednesday, most farmers will be done with corn and starting on bean planting. I’m sure this comes as a disappointment to the ethanol doomsayers who have been predicting a lower yielding corn crop because of planting delays, but the fact is, the corn crop will be just fine. We generally see little to no yield penalty if the crop is planted before May 15.

For the most part, the wheat in this area is mostly good to excellent. I’ve been out in a few fields and at present, there is no disease to speak of. This could change quickly if warmer temps are accompanied by additional rainfall, but for now, diseases are being held in check. It looks like those who chose to make an early fungicide application did so needlessly. If you are considering applying a fungicide at flowering, please use the Wheat Disease Prediction Tool I posted about earlier. This will help to avoid further unneeded applications.

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