Planting Delays & Replant Decisions

With corn planting only 50% to 70% complete across much of the corn belt, many growers are beginning to question whether or not a switch to a shorter season hybrid would be warranted. The fear is that with a full season hybrid, the plant would not mature in time to avoid an early frost at the end of the growing season. This is a valid concern because an early frost on a hybrid that has not reached maturity will ultimately result in a reduction in yield.

So now, the question becomes: at what point/date should a person make the switch? Leave it to Bob Nielson at Purdue University to come up with some timely information on this very subject!

I would highly recommend everyone read Bob’s excellent article. He not only looks at average frost dates, but he also discusses a not entirely well known phenomena of a hybrids ability to adjust it’s GDU’s downward the later it is planted.

Be sure to check out Bob’s article.

Late Planting/Replanting & Relative Hybrid Maturity

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